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Movavi Academic partners with educational organizations and teachers worldwide to deliver digital education resourses that enrich the entire learning experience.
We support non-profit organizations as well as educational meetings and conferences. If you have a project you would like to develop, please tell us more about it. We will be pleased to consider supporting your efforts.
With Movavi Academic support, educators can enhance the teaching process by improving their technology skills, understanding the benefits of video in education and learning from experts from the field.
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We encourage teachers to use Movavi programs and create their video content for nonprofits and educational events.
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We are excited to help educational organizations inspired to deliver better digital learning opportunities through multimedia. If you are working on multimedia project in the non-profit educational arena, please tell us about it.
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The European competition is Germany's oldest school competition encouraging children and youngsters to think creatively about current political issues. More and more school students are submitting multimedia work to us; many have taken advantage of the opportunity during the pandemic.
Thanks to support from Movavi, we were able to award licenses as federal prizes to the groups that submitted outstanding media contributions. Those school groups now have the opportunity to further develop their media skills with professional yet easy-to-use software. Both the young people and their supervising teachers were delighted with this opportunity. Many thanks to Movavi!

Janin Hartmann

Project manager

Europäischer Wettbewerb

Remote instruction has been a huge challenge for teachers, as they’ve had to show their mastery of digital skills. The contest, which Movavi sponsored, aimed to demonstrate the teacher’s daily routine in a video. It turns out that Polish teachers are incredibly creative and have designed a lot of great videos. Thanks to the licenses provided by Movavi, all the teachers can now plan a variety of film projects with their students.

Anna Albrecht

Pre-school and primary school teacher

Szkolne Inspiracje

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