Movavi Teacher Ambassador Program

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As a Movavi Ambassador, you will share your knowledge as part of our community of critical skills leaders. You will influence the world of teaching and learn about different educational technologies from other experts.
You can share your ideas in many ways
Being social
Create materials and professional development resources on how to use Movavi Academic. Share them via blog posts, videos, and other channels.
Host webinars featuring Movavi Academic, participate in conferences and other professional events.
Share Movavi Academic with other teachers in your network and help new teachers to begin working with the program.
Public speaking
Benefits of the Program
Your students get access to the latest multimedia software
for free.
You develop your multimedia skills through consistent use
of our software.
You always have the latest versions of our software through access to the updates.
You can connect with other educators, participate in conferences, and share insights with your colleagues.
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Thank you so much! It looks awesome. I was experimenting with the trial version yesterday. Today, I tried the Academic version you provided. Now I’m sure I can put together good quality videos for my students in less than a day. This is exactly what I need to do short video lectures for my Mechanical Engineering students while we are doing remote learning.

Matt Schaefer

Associate Professor (Mechanical Engineering)

MSOE University, USA

We tested dozens of video editing programs after we moved from Mac to Windows. But I found Movavi to be the easiest for our 5- and 6-year-old children. And the interface is user friendly. Our pupils will have a copy of your program on their Surface Go devices.Our Junior School does a lot of filming and needs good and friendly software. Movavi works great for them.

Vanessa Matthews

ICT Integrator

Dulwich College, China

I run a Christian School for the deaf in a Mexican town called Reynosa. My teachers record Mexican Sign Language classes on webcams and add voiceovers so the parents can understand. Using Google classroom, our students continue their education. We love Movavi and enjoy adding a voiceover to a video while playing it. That is way easier than recording audio separately and then trying to synchronize it with the video.

Carlos Gutierrez

Curriculum Developer

Isaiah 55 Ministries, Mexico