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Meet the new Movavi Academic 23!

Natalya Naumenko
December 26, 2022
Hi everyone!
Get ready to experience the AI superpowers with the fresh Movavi Academic 23! In the upgraded version, you'll find the impressive AI features that'll help you craft captivating educational content and ensure your message is clear to everyone. Here are the main advantages of the latest version:

Video editing mode:

  • AI background removal. Use the power of the AI to instantly swap backgrounds in your videos with no green screens. Drop in a new vibrant scene and make your school videos more visually engaging.
  • AI noise removal. The smart algorithm will remove classroom noise, outside sounds, and other distracting audio to enable your viewers to focus on what's important.
  • Extra effects for YouTube. Let your creativity take effect! In addition to the 5 new frames, we'll give you an exclusive pack of effects for YouTube at no charge – just because we love you. Try them out in your next hit!

Screen recording mode:

  • Drawing shapes on video. Add tidy-looking pointers and other shapes in the middle of your recordings. Guide the viewers' attention to the parts you want to highlight and get your message across in a most impactful way.
  • Scrolling screenshots. No need to take endless screenshots anymore. Take scrolling screenshots to capture content that doesn't fit on the screen.

Create helpful video tutorials, make quizzes, record computer screens, and take screenshots! Deliver content in the most creative and effective way possible. Enrich classroom experience with the exciting new features.