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Movavi provides special pricing for educational institutions (school, college, university) and students. You can get Movavi software used in schools at a lower price with discounts of 30% or more. Movavi programs will bring your ideas to life. Video editing software for schools is more and more popular every day.
Movavi Video Editor Plus: Video made Easy
  • Make video projects for class
  • Create original presentations
  • Learn the basics of working with video
  • Get creative by completing homework assignments in video format
  • Design and produce multimedia cards and presentations for competitions
If you need more video editing tools, try Movavi Video Editor Plus. Add photos and videos and create whatever kind of movie you like. Don't wait, try it today.
  • Edit and improve your photos: retouch old photos, change colors and backgrounds, insert titles and more
  • Teach your students to improve photos
  • Use edited photos in creative works, presentations, and slideshows
  • Edit photos for a creative portfolio
Photos are an essential part of our lives that help us preserve memories of children, family, friends, standout events, vacations and more. Movavi Photo Editor will help you to make life's important moments memorable.
  • Edit videos
  • Convert still images, audio, and video for viewing on mobile devices
  • Capture video from any screen
  • Create presentations for classes, meetings, and event
Movavi Video Suite is a powerful software package that enables you to create professional-looking slideshows and movies – no experience needed. Imagine that – you can add music, visual effects, convert videos into popular formats, record screen, and more.
  • Record webinars and other educational presentations
  • Cut out any parts you don't need
  • Make recordings for viewing on a computer or smartphone
  • Record video calls
  • Use screenshots and video clips to highlight a point
With Movavi Screen Recorder, you can capture streaming videos and audio, save Skype calls, record your desktop, and more. It's the perfect video recording program.
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